Thursday, May 24, 2007

two posts in one day!!!

I know that it is a bit extreme but anyway.

I have just discovered the fantastic blog land of donna hooper a very inspiring scrapper that in my opinion is the queen of double page LO's so She has 4 great blogs and I LOVE them all especially collective creative (be sure to check it out as she has a fantastic handbag challenge up there that is truly fantastic and I am so going to be doing it)

I am hoping to meet this lovely lady in October as their is a retreat in Tassie and she is going to be there. woo hoo!

anyway there is a storm here which is pretty bad so I should probably get off the computer

here is the links to her blogs and I am going to be adding them to my side bar. :-)

collective creative

creative fx photography and design
donna hoopers photography blog
donna hoopers 12x24 scrapbook page gallery

these really are great blogs. :-)


Kayla xx

on another note I caught my little kitties snuggled up and it was just point and shoot photo in a room with bad lighting and so its not great but i just LoVe their affection that i thought I would share it anyway.

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Tara said...

Off to check out the links.

The cats look very comfy.