Tuesday, May 29, 2007

still am here. lol!

Well I am still here in cold cold tassie until tomorrow at 7.10 when I will officially depart, my Dad has already left as he is taking the boat there with the car and is meeting us in Melbourne at the airport as we are being brave and driving from Melbourne to QLD.

It was quite funny as this morning before Dad left with all my luggage in the car I was packing lots of last minute scrapbooking stuff that I had suddenly decided that I couldn't live without *roll eyes*

I now have exceeded my scrapbooking luggage allowance a lot, oh well, not too much was said but maybe that is a bad thing, i hope my dad doesn't think about lightening the load on the bass straight *i know yes i have a rather broad imagination* but hey I could see him doing it.

I will still be here blogging to my hearts content while I am away so don't you worry and you may just see pics of my work while I am away as I will have the digital camera and will be snap snap snapping. lol!

I have already had a dilemma before the trip had even started, i have a piece of work due in today that i was planning to post and little did i know that dad was taking the laptop with him because i thought we were taking it with us on the plane, but he took it with my work on it, so now my work is going to be a couple of days late and late is so not my thing. *scream out loud*
I have e-mailed my teacher and told her what happened though.

Anyway I don't usually blog about family but a lot of family *dirty laundry* has come to the rise since my Nan's 80th birthday/reunion with family in March.
My Nan was kept in the dark as to what went on when stuff happened as she wasn't there to witness it thank god. but now she has come to the realisation a lot more with stitched together stories from everyone. all I can say is that on my Dads side there is 1 sister and 4 brothers (including himself) and to mean on this side i dont have an aunty any more i only have 3 uncles and a dad. clear enough in what that meant!! loL!
I am especially upset in a letter that was recieved by my parents yesterday from so said Aunty that labelled me as a gossiper and i liar as I don't believe I am anything of the such.
Anyway I'm sure you don't want to hear about my stupid my families fights.

I received an order from Karen's scrappin Kupboard today and all of it was soooo delcious. I got the yummiest ever HUGE buttons. they were yum yum yum!! and i am taking them to QLD lol!

I can't wait for the arrival of the love elsie stuff i am just so excited about it. :-)

Anyway i'll leave you with some more pics I found;
I love this pic. It is of my Pop and my uncles. my dad is the one second from the right. i just love vintage photos. :-)

this one is my dad when he is a lot younger, you can tell who i look like *roll eyes*
Ok this is a really dodgy pic but a good memory anyway. It is a trip I went on with my friends, were staying in TAFE accomodation and when we went shopping we all brought the same top, just cause well no one really knows.
i am the first one on the left and tehn it is hannah louise and toni. This pic was taken 3 years ago. yay for old pics.

Anyway until tomorrow

big squishy hugs

Kayla xx


Tara said...

Have a great time away!!!

Lissa said...

Have a great holiday Kayla!!!

Mel Goodsell said...

Have a lovely holiday and thanks so much for stopping by my blog :O)