Tuesday, May 8, 2007

some cards

i can't wait. my parents come back from melbourne today and I will admit that I have missed them. aww!!! kissez xx

Anyway I made a card this morning and I took a pic of an old one (well a couple of weeks old) I have been obsessed with kindy glitz lately, it is showing as I have been using it on basically all of my pages, lol!

So it was fun to make some cards using my scraps anyway cause I have way too many. I have signed up for lots of swaps so I can't wait to get started on them. yipee!!

My parents saw Drew (from home and away) in Melbourne yesterday out with some chick and smoking (I never really picced him smoking) oh well each to their own.

Mum was going to try and find me a new hand bag in Melbourne while they were there cause mine broke. *sob* it was my favourite to. I had considering making one and I still might if she or i can't find a nice one. I think I have some patterns somewhere, it would be cool to have one made out of zebra felt. lol!

We had more mice fiascos at our house this morning as the weather gets colder it seems the mice just hibernate inside. Little cat Oskar caught it and then let it go so it is missing again now. Arrgghhh! I shut the door to my scraproom cause there is no way that I want it in there chewing up paper. yuck!
I think I was standing on a chair for about an hour screaming, Now that everything had calmed down the whole house smells like cleaning products as I have disenfected everything and laid a couple of mouse traps. Did I mention that I hate mice?????


Kayla xxoo


Cat said...

Hi...I found your blog from the P+C forum and can I just say, wow!!! Your scrapbooking is amazing! I love scrapbooking too but I'm a relative newbie at it (only started at the beginnign of this year). :)

JULIE LOVE said...

WOWEEEE love your style Kayla....just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog :0)

Take care


Nicole said...

We have the same problem with mice once it starts getting colder. How lucky are you to be going to the Coast for the convention. I want to go but two kids just wouldn't travel well. Maybe next year.

Kayla Renee said...

yeah i do feel lucky. i am so excited about it. :-)