Saturday, May 26, 2007

im being good with my posting.

Ok so I have officially labelled myself a 'nocturnal freak' I couldn't get to sleep last night and didnt end up even closing my eyes until 3.45. not much point going to bed then, and so I slept until 1.00 in the afternoon today.
It is this new medication I am on that is doing it to me so I am going to have to start taking it in the morning and not at night cause I don't think my parents are going to be too happy if i keep up those sleeping patterns.

Last night I went to a shop opening and it was really good, got to meet up with some girls I haven't seen in ages and my jewellery went in there and some has already sold which is good, although I have had Susan (the shop owner) deposit it into my bank account cause I know I would spend it otherwise. *roll eyes*

I have a huge assignment to finish before Wednesday and also have another one which I need to get a head start on otherwise I am going to fall behind again. *sigh* sometimes study can be so boring.

I was also going to challenge myself to scrap some of the topics that scrapbooking memories have been asking for, for their submissions cause I thought they were pretty cool and you never know I may even submit them. :-)
the upcoming topics are; decorative edges, altered photos, playtime, goals/dreams, personality and tributes.

I have ideas for all of them so I am going to get started today cause I am leaving on Wednesday and I won't be able to scrap in QLD (much anyway) as I am going to the convention and I am taking some scrap supplies to scrap if I get bored, I was thinking I might stitch together a whole heap of felt flowers and RAK them cause I am feeling nice, and I had some other fabbo ideas.

I can't wait to check out all the scrap shops in QLD, I know of 3 so far near where I am staying and will definetley be giving them a visit, looks like the money is going to be burning up very quickly, lol!

Anyway couldn't do a post and leave you wihtout a photo so I picked an old one of my besite and me, it was taken at my leavers dinner at the end of last year, just brought back some good memories.

Till later

Kayla xx

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Leanne said...

Hi Kayla

You commented on a layout of mine at the Little Scrapbook shop, called "Our Sweet Little Lady". Thanks for your comments. Your comment however, brought me to your blog, I love your scrapping, you have a wonderful style. I hope you have a great time away, it sounds as though you are very excited.