Friday, May 11, 2007

i am not lost

Well I am not lost in cyber space.
I have just been busy or pre occupied as some might label it.

I was in a very creative mood today and so I will have lots of layout shares tomorrow as I am about to head to bed.

This week has been really hectic so it will be good to have the weekend to just chill and relax.
I am also expecting a rather large order from Karens Scrappin kupboard so when that comes i'd say that the creativity is going to hit me big time.

I am also excited cause someone I know is opening a scrapbook shop near me and I have just received the newsletter today inviting me to a special opening. i really wanted to go to the first class she is holding but I will be in QLD doing scrapbooking classes which is a bugger, wish that I could do both. lol!

I have also been really busy getting creative making handmade embelllishments for a swap I am doing over at the scrapbooking memories forum, it has been super fun, but i am glad that it is done now. I have another swap coming up which is colour themed and so I am going to be pre occupied with that for a while as well.

Hmmm.... trying to think if there is anything else but I can't think of anything. dum de da....

Oh yes, I won the easter photography challenge over at Karens Scrappin Kupboard. I am very excited about that.

I have to do a layout on unconditional love as a challenge and I can't wait to get started, after much debating I have decided that I am going to do my cats so whether they like it or not they are having a photo shoot tomorrow. I really need a decent photo of them together.

I have been listening to the new missy higgins cd over and over, most people would think i am going insane but I am loving this new cd it is fantastic.

Anyway talk soon


Kayla xxoo

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