Sunday, May 27, 2007

another day and another post...

ok so i am officially packed and ready to go, so no more scrapping for me until i get to the convention *shock horror*
that is 13 days away.... its just on the other times we will be on the road and i dont really want to be fishing stuff out of my suitcase all the time, anyway i thought I might pick up the new scrapbooking memories and read that on the way, I will also take the new Little scrapbook shop little book club book.

I have a big assignment to do and heaps of other stuff to get organised so it is probably a good thing that my scrapbooking stuff is already packed cause otherwise I know i would get distracted *roll eyes*

Anyway heres for another pic taken last year. Pic tag:

This one is taken at Mt Wellington in Hobart and yes that white thing I am holding is snow. I am in the middle by the way for those that don't know and on the left is my little sister morgan and on the right it my mum.

My older sister is a photography student at TAFE and she has booked the photography studio tomorrow night for a photo shoot of my little sister which I am excited about cause i'm going and I am allowed to take pics as well. yipee!

Well i'll leave it at that today.

until tomorrow, hugs

Kayla xx


Tara said...

Oooh, have fun in the studio!

Ally said...

have a great time on your holiday Kayla! :) Will miss seeingyour beauitful work whilst you're away