Sunday, April 15, 2007

things that inspire me!!

Words: words always inspire me. Poems, quotes and just words they are all sentimental and special in an individual way. I love including words in my scrapbooking and I especially am in love with the queen and co love letters at the moment (pictured above)

Textures: I love the touch and feel look on my pages, i am especially in LOVE with felt at the moment. xx

Buttons: I LOVE LOVE LOVE buttons. I have heaps of them (as you can see) and I love them all. :-)

Ribbon: I love ribbon, it is such a simple embellishment yet you can do sooo much with it :=)
Handmade creations: I have been making lots of things for my scrapbook

Kayla xxoo


Katie said...

Hey Kayla

Wow did you make those flower paperclips in that photo? They are so cute!

Katie :)

Kayla Renee said...

hi katie.

yes i do make them. They are very cute.
:-) kayla