Sunday, April 29, 2007

having fun!

i got a wacom graphire 4, graphic tablet yesterday so I have been having lots of fun, i have been touching up photos and doing the likes and learning how to use photoshop which I also got yesterday. It is only Elements but I wanted to start of small with a more basic program as I am not going to be doing digital scrapbooking or anything.
Here is a 8.5x11 sketch i did with it.


Ally said...

wow Kayla this sketch looks fantastic!!! I love it!!!
Hey...I think that sketch would be great to base my example for the next healthy scrappers challenge on!!! I can see a layout forming in my head!!!

I've got some goodies packaged up for you and will send them off when I get to the PO this week! hehe.

(On another awesome is that sparkly paper you sent me! :o wow I love it. I sat there for about 10mins last night just admiring it haha!)

Kayla Renee said...

lol! alice.
I think I got that glittery paper on my trip to QLD last year. There was an awesome art supplies shop that had walls of paper. yum! ;-)

Melissa Antolovic said...

love your sketch kayla