Saturday, April 21, 2007

a funky kind of love

two post in one day, i am setting a record. I just had to share this awesome tool I got today by Fiskars. It is called the fiskars squeeze punch and I can't find a pic. hold on...
okay so got a pic of it. mine is a funky looking heart that is 2 inches in size. I have made a few layouts with it this afternoon which i will upload tomorrow but i also made a card which I had to scan cause camera battery was flat :-(So anyway this is my card, it has A LOT of glitter on it so i didn't scan all that well. I am planning to make lots more cards tomorrow.
I am also hoping to make a trip out to a scrapbooking store tomorrow cause I really need some glue, well that is the excuse any way, lol!

anyway I would definetley reccommend these punches they are fantastic. i love them heapso. It makes punching so much easier and they have them in such a diverse range of shapes, i want one of each. lol!

talk later

kayla xxoo

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Ally said...

kayla that card looks fantastic! I am really into card making at the moment too!!!