Wednesday, April 4, 2007

another page!

shock horror! I have actually done some scrapbooking!!! check out underneath post for piccie. Anyway not much has been happening here,
if anyone wants to pick up some bargain stash go to alice's blog.
Hmm... been doing overdue school work (*naughty, naughty*) me. Anyway I have bright pink paint all over my fingers from the page i have just done which i now have to attempt to scrub off probably without any success.
I am planning to do a couple more pages today cause I have done lots of school work this morning so I deserve it.
I am going swimming tonight so won't be on here much tonight when I take out the swimming time, watching home and away time, scrapbooking time, talking with family time and cooking dinner time. lol! Well oh well sometimes I get so caught up in the blogging world that I forget I actually have a life, but I definetley will be checking in tonight. I can guarantee it.

My baby Oskar is starting to get better, thank god for that.
Anyway heres the page off to do some more creating after i've checked my e-mail.
Kayla xxoo

1 comment:

Ally said...

wow Kayla i really love this page!!! ouch about the arm, but woot about the page! lol
I think you should try subbing it!