Monday, April 16, 2007

2 posts in one day. woo hoo!

I have some more layouts to share that I have completed the first and second are a double page spread for my nans scrapbook, it is of my uncle don and aunty shirleys family. This is the most photos I have ever pu t onto a page.

the second one was one I just scrapped cause I felt like it. It is of myself and my 2 sisters at the largest maze complex in the world which happens to be half and hour away from my house.

I hope to get some more scrappin done today and uploaded tonight, i am about to go into town with my big sis and then maybe when I get back I will be able to do some more I am on a roll at the moment with 5 pages done (one of them was only 6x6 though)

I also want to go visit my neighbour and their baby Felix cause he is such a cutie pie and take some pictures of my sis and I.

Gtg otherwise I will never get anything done.

Kayla xxoo

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Ally said...

wow great pages Kayla!!! You were really going great yesty!!! I love how you managedto fit so many pics on the one page!