Saturday, March 31, 2007


I am so excited to see more come to the aussie scrappers.
There is now an australian scrapjacked site here
They will reveal there first 'jacker' on sunday so stay tuned
there are some great prizes as well :-)

I am glad that scrapbooking has really clicked on here in aussie, it's fantastic.

I need to complete a few layouts before midnight tonight for the elsie challenge at karens scrappin' kupboard
I am going to be really busy all day with that. One of the challenges is to create a mini book and i have barely started that. I've gotta get crackin'.

I have a million different layout ideas running through my head except everytime I go to sit down and scrapbook it just doesn't work for me. :(
It will come back soon, hopefully :)

Kayla xxoo

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