Thursday, March 15, 2007

ribbon flowers!!

Step 1: Gather your supplies, in this case you need about a metre of ribbon ( i like doing this with double sided ribbon), embroidery thread, i like to pick a coulour that coordinates with my ribbon and 2 needles.

Step 2: Place the start of the ribbon over 3 fingers.

Step 3: Take the end of the ribbon and begin wrapping it around your 3 fingers and keep doing this depending on how many petals you want on your flower, (the more you wrap the ribbon around the more petals you get)

Step 4: Take the ribbon off your fingers and pinch with your thumb and index finger

Step 5: Grab a needle and stick through the middle of the ribbon bunch.

Step 6: Grab the scissors and snip off the excess ribbon next to the needle.

Step 7: You can now begin arranging the ribbon to create the flower, to do this you just pull bits of ribbon from the bunch and move it around the needle.

Step 8: You now grab your other needle and embroidery thread and stitch a few threads through the middle to hold it together. When you have done a couple you can remove the needle that was holding it together.

You are now completed, you can finish the flower off with a prima flower or a pebble or whatever you wish.
This has been made for Scrapping Around. Visit them here, you can register and join in the fun online community. :)

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