Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mary Kay

Okay so my sister is a Mary Kay consultant but hasn't been heavily active for a while but now she has more time on her hands she wants to become a bit more proficient with her ordering and customers.

So I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on how she can draw in some new customers?

I am helping her organise an open night to celebrate the release of the new catalogue and new range and I am going to make the cupcakes in the picture for every one to eat and there is going to be free sampling and everything.

She is also going to be giving out free little makeover's in a box with little samples of everything.

So do any of you have any ideas????

It would be great to hear about them :)

Kayla xxoo


Miriam R Kaye said...

Hi Kayla,

I used to be a Yves Rocher Consultant back in Perth and I'm also an Independent Representative for One Group products ( and I find advertising on the net really helps, also the local paper and leaving leaflets around especially at gyms, community centres, doctors surgerys etc. all help. Just remember to ask their permission first or they'll throw the pamphlets away. Also if you offer something free like a mini-facial on purchases over a certain amount that helps. Also have promotions like introduce a friend and you both get free mini facials or makeup whatever you prefer. I hope this helps :) wish your sister all the best. Ciao Miriam

Kayla Renee said...

thankyou miriam, that has been really helpful i really want to get my sister to a senior consultant and she is working towards getting a sapphire (mary kay rewards) and I am desperately trying to help her

Trish Reed said...

Hi Kayla, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice message they are always apreciated. As fot the Mary Kay, I love the stuff have for nearly 20 years, truly if your sister gets people to try they will love it too.