Sunday, April 1, 2007

jewellery for sale.

I have been very busy latley making LOTS of jewellery to sell, I have been needing some money to buy a new laptop and some software and things I need for my study, so I am going to put some things up here for sale.
Necklace # 1
This is made from tear drop shaped shell beads, i have formed this into a flower and made it the central feature of a beautiful necklace. This necklace is only $18.00

Necklace# 2
Is made from sea shell nuggets with silver bar spacers, this has 2 strands and will compliment many outfits nicely. This necklace is only $13.00

Necklace # 3
This necklace's pendant is made from venetian glass, It is made with blues, creams and browns. This necklace is only $15
Necklace # 4
This necklace is made from ivory pearls and small pink beads. This is really a beautiful necklace and the picture does it no justice. This necklace is only $17.00

If you would like any of the necklaces pictured please e-mail me on for information on postage and and any other inquiries.


x there will be lots more things to come as I haven't taken pictures of any of my bracelets or earrings yet, If you would like anything specific made, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.


Ally said...

Wow Kayla these look amazing!!!
Hope someone buys them for you soon so that you can get your laptop!
Well done!

Miriam Kaye said...

Wow Kayla, they look great :D will mention it to my friends!

Wish you lots of success :D

~Kathryn~ said...

hey kayla have you got anything in purples to show me ???

Kayla Renee said...

yes kathryn i do actually, i will have to post them all on there tonight when i get my camera working :-)

Melissa Antolovic said...

I'm really liking number 2 and have sent you an email