Saturday, March 3, 2007

the good and the bad!!

ok today has a lot of mixed feeling from me.
the bad:
  • waking up late
  • late for my scrappin crop
  • being in a car when it crashed (no one was hurt)
  • and now suffering from pains in my abdomen which are becoming worse. :(
the good:
  • getting lots of stuff done at the crop
  • managing to make my bed
  • having a frappe at mcdonalds :)
  • Tidying up my scrap room a little :-)
So I suppose that my day has been balanced with the good and the bad but the bad was really really bad.
I would just like to clarify that it was my dad who crashed the car (in the mcdonalds carpark) into this poor old couple but it was actually the old couples fault as they backed out into us, there is a bit of damage but hey these things happen!!!!

I managed to get lots of stuff done at the scrapbooking thing I went to. I didn't actually complete any pages but I did get 3 almost finished because I wanted to add some stuff to them.

Another good thing from today was that I got to take a trip to the scrapbooking store. I didn't buy much though. Only really needed to get a packet of refills for my nan's album and some stickers but I did add some rub ons and a cat scrappin' kit to my stash at the counter (no scrappin budgeting from me) :):)

I also stamped out a lot of stuff and got my watercolours out and i am having a lot of fun water colouring all my stamps. Can't wait until my stampin' up order arrives :) I have cat stamps. YAY!

Anyway hoping to post some piccies later.

Kayla xxoo

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