Saturday, March 10, 2007


We can be very crazy people at times. Just though I would play around with the web cam and this is the result (* a very embarrasing pic*).
I have been having major scrapbook cleaning today and have actually managed to clean quite a bit. I have had a bit of an obsession lately with buying storage for all my scrapbooking stuff, i have actually managed to find heaps of really cool stuff, the things that were most disorganised in my stash were; 12x12 paper, ribbon, scrap paper and stickers,
so far I have managed to sort out the 12x12 paper by buying the storage trolley that i posted on here a while ago and i have now as of today also managed to purchase a really awesome little shelf with little fabric baskets for all my scrap paper so now I am just left with my ribbon and my stickers, my ribbon is in jars at the moment but i don't think the jars are big enough any more :) I might have to figure out a way to fix that and my stickers are in 2 plastic draws, i think i will give them more of those draws a (they are out of a shelf of 10 draws) and just sort them into categories.
Something I am wondering though, is how long my scrapbooking room will stay clean, i don't think that it will be for very long. :)
Gotta go,
Kayla xxoo

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