Friday, March 30, 2007


well nothing to share.......
well not really just thought I would update just so you know I am not dead or anything. LOL! :-)
I am going to do some scrapbooking tonight cause i have a million different layouts running through my head so it's like really blah!
There is a million different noises cause my sister is trying to play guitar and piano and she is on the phone (talk about multi tasking!!!)
Well I am really excited about sending out some cute little RAK's to some spesh people.
If anyone feels like buying some cheap scrapbooking stuff go here;
gabbie's blog
she is selling off some of her scrapbooking stuff that she doens't need, I have managed to score a book and 40 sheets of bazzill. The bazzill is a bargain at just 50c a sheet.


kayla xxoo

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Melissa Antolovic said...

Hi kayla - I love your new banner - your cat look so cute!

Thanks for your comments on my blog, sorry I haven't got around to replying. Hope you've found your homework!