Wednesday, February 7, 2007

up late! and scrappin

Ha! I love using my sisters laptop it has an inbuilt web cam and stuff. can't wait until i get mine. yay! well anyway my sister and I have been making note boards for our rooms to funk them up a bit from the old note book style. My sister is working on hers, it is a nautical theme (i just hope she thinks about replacing some of the stuff that she has used) I mean I don't mind sharing but she doesn't go light on the amount of product she uses. My cats are being so adorable, they are laying all over me (I am sitting on my bed) listening to my music. yay!. Well my sister and I are doing scrapbooking tomorrow. :) it's gonna be fun. I'm planning to do some elsie scraplifting :) i can't wait to get that elsie look on my pages :).
Well I enrolled in all my studies today and can't wait until I get my photography studies under way, im also doing a writing one so the photography and writing should help with my scrapbooking. I'm listening to murderdolls. They have some really funky music Anyway better fly. Bonne Nuit!!
Kayla xxoo

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