Thursday, February 22, 2007

unsuccessful job interview :(

okay just venting.....

i had a job interview and as i suspected it was unsuccessful. :( I am trying not to get to down about it though, cause then i will just get depressed and i don't want to be because i love being happy :) so I am hitting the jobs again already and applied for another receptionist job at a real estate agent. It sounds fun and I have some of the skills required so fingers crossed! xx.

So I have started some of my study now and done a little bit of work for my busines management course and i have just sent in the final confirmation papers for my photography course because that is done through another college. I am excited about studying though.

Well it's official I haven't spoken to Matt in absolute weeks. :( I miss him, I am going to make a point of sending him a letter tomorrow which I am going to write tonight:) It will be cool to update him on everything that is happening here considering we can't speak over the phone anymore. :(

Things I'm loving at the moment:
  • The air conditioner :)
  • My family
  • My cats
  • music (~ingrid michaelson thanx elsie :)~)
  • studying (i know it's crazy)
And so I am about to go for my swimming session so i'll leave with a photo or two. xxoo

there is a pic there of my FAVE shoes!! xxoo

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