Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tired, Grumpy and clean freak!!!

Okay so today hasn't been the best of my days.
I have spent the day in my pj's and wanting to scrap but not being able to get motivated to do it. I have a 2 page layout half finished on my desk that really needs to be finished.
Most of the pages from our Queensland trip a year ago need to be double pages cause there are so many photos of the one occasion!!! I don't usually do double layouts cause there is never enough photos to justify it but now there is so what better reason???
I have reclaimed all the stuff that my sister and her friend stole out of my room. They are only 11 so i forgave them but they did take 2 pairs of my scissors heaps of chipboard and about $20 worth of rub ons so I was pretty mad, they weren't going to give any of it back either.
I've been noticing stuff going missing for weeks now and wondered where it was all going and they I find some of it in my sisters room so it was time for her to fess up AND SOME OF IT WAS AT HER FRIENDS HOUSE. So I made her ring up her friend who then bought it all back.

I'm over it now. I'm listening to Evanescenve Call me when your sober REALLY loud. But oh well I'm in that mood. So i haven't been sticking to my diet for the last 2 days so i am a bit ashamed of myself. But I haven't been eating unhealthy. I just haven't been eating breakfast or exercising and the scales say so, but it has only been a week and a half since i started dieting and i already have lost 4 kilos so i am proud of myself for that :)

So I am determined not to do any more scrappin shopping for a long time cause my parents are calling it tight with all money cause they just bought a entertainment cupboard which was $750 and then the week after that they bought a piano for $850 and in June we are spending heaps of money as we are going for a 4 week holiday to Queensland and thats going to cost a bit.

So until I get a job i'm not going to be buying anything for my parents sake, i don't think they mind considering the scrapbooks aren't for me but I don't want them to go broke :(.

On the job front I put an application in at a lawyers office as a receptionist and I think it is promising as I know all the partners and am really close friends with one of them, so fingers crossed I get an interview, cause things are a bit sad on the job and money front and I have my eyes on a laptop before june for my study. I am really beginning to need one as this computer we think is starting to die. It's a bit sad but it is really old :( It's done it's service though and got me through all my homework and study through primary school and highschool. We have already been through 3 keyboards with this one as we use it so much.

So I guess I'm going to have to start transferring all the stuff on here onto disc so that I don't lose it all especially all my precious photos and music files. I would cry if I lost them.

I was actually thinking today that if our house burnt down all the scrapbooks that I have made would be lost and the artwork and journalling as well. I feel like I'm not the only scrapbooker that worries about this?? There must be some more out there.

Well i am going to get off here so I can go finish that scrapbook page and hopefully some more :):):)

Love Kayla xxxooo

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