Monday, February 12, 2007

tagged off gabbie's site

a cuddler? sometimes
A morning person? um…early morning yes, late morning no (have bad imsomnia)
Are you a perfectionist? yes definetley i can't have peace unless certain thing are done
Talented? I never think so but lots of people say so
In your pajamas? yes (well it is 1:32 in the morning)
Left handed? nope
friend you saw: Allison
Sent text: Matthew
wore: brown trousers and a black top
made: a scrapbookng page
and watched: absolutely nothing
got any plans: to get lots of scrappin done
number: 3 and 6
color: green and pink
season: autumn
missing: Queensland
needing: SLEEP
wanting: um... everything scrapbooking
Q’s and A’s
q:first thing you did this morning: ate breakfast
q: last thing you ate: lasagne
q: do you have anything bothering you? yes my cats are bothering me and they wont go away
q: what’s the last movie you saw?: miss potter
q: where is the last place you went? spotlight (scrappin stuff)
q: do you wish upon stars? not at all
q: are you a friendly person?: well depends who. no just kidding i like to think im friendly
q: where did you sleep last night?: in my bed
q: what color shirt are you wearing? green and pink
q: when was the last time you really cried? um.. cant remember actually a long time ago probably my graduation ceremony
q: what was your last thought before you went to sleep last night? i can't sleep
q: what are you about to do? turn all the lights off and force myself to sleep
q: if you could drink anything right this second, what would it be? im drinking a glass of water cause thats what i wanted
q: what’s your job position called? correspondance student seeking part time employment to pay for obsessive scrappin.
q: what’s your favorite month(s)? January (holidays) and December (christmas and my bday)
q: what was your elementary school’s mascot? ours was a shield but cant remember what it said
q: what’s your favorite bottled water? mount franklin cause i know it's australian
q: what were you doing at 9pm last night? i was scrappin
q: did you attend your high school prom? yes wasn't long ago and i loved my dress it was teal green and I absolutely adore it.
q: did you go to someone else’s prom? no
q: do you prefer coffee or tea? definetley coffee
q: something to read within 5 feet? TV guide
q: how much french do you know? quite a bit but won't speak french to anyone
q: ever crash a car, been in an accident? no not unless you count running over a letter box??
q: do you look good in yellow? i hate yellow and never wear it
q: do you sing? only on singstar occasionally and the score says it all
q: ever sing in public? yeah i was in the carols by candlelight and school choir in primary and high school
q: least favorite color? grey (definetley)
q: ever had dippin dots? k? what?
q: how many driving tickets have you had? None only been driving 3 times
q: do you own your own house? no, i wish though
q: at what age did you/do you want to get married? want to get married after im 25 some time
q: have you ever been married? no, i think it would be a bit illegal considering im 16
q: how many kids do you have/want? i want 1

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