Sunday, February 25, 2007

lots of scrapbooking done!!

I have managed to do a lot of scrapbooking this weekend. :) I am about to be given lots of photos to do my nan's scrapbook and so i will be tied down for the next 3 weeks scrappin my nan when she was younger. It's going to be tough to get it all done, but I have figured that if I do one page a day then i should have it completed in time.

Things have been pretty slack around here this weekend as my mother had a knee operation and so she hasn't been doing anything and my dad has been busy doing stuff for the volunteer club he is involved in.
My older sister is never home so I haven't seen her all weekend. My little sister as usual is being a socialite so she has been with her friends all weekend and going to things like pony club and horse riding lesson things.
Gosh! things are just so busy!

Anyway better go cause i want to get a couple more pages done :)

Kayla xxoo

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