Friday, February 9, 2007

finding myself time to scrap

Okay so it is just a matter of time before I explode with ideas for scrapbooking and not finding time to do them in my day, well actually it's more to the fact that i spend to much time on the computer.
Well I can't wait until my studies start in a few weeks cause I get to do photography and writing. YAY! just picture me jumping for joy because that is what im doing. :) Smiles for me.
Well anyway I am very happy today because I jumped on the scales to find myself 3 kilos lighter :):).
I'm hoping to really drop down my weight by June when I'll be hitting the sunshine state to soak up some of their sun.
Well I can't wait to see my besty in Melb, he is so great :).
Well anyway better fly, i will post some layouts on here later today. hopefully i get around to finishing a few more.
Ta ta

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