Thursday, February 8, 2007

70 uses for brads and eyelets

This is pretty cute I can't remember what site I got it off, but it is 70 uses for brads and eyelets and is sure to get your creative juices flowing. :):):)

1. connectors on paper piecing for moveable parts
2. attaching vellum
3. accents on journal blocks
4. to "hang" things from
5. centre of flowers
6. centre of letters
7. spell out words (outline letters)
8. corners of picture mat
9. eyes of paper dolls
10. nails in a fence
11. earrings for a paper doll
12. belly button jewel for a paper doll
13. "stone" in a ring
14. buttons on a snowman
15. decoration on a child's ball
16. stepping stones on a garden layout
17. attach a fibre to a brad to make a yo-yo
18. attach elements on a page by wrapping wire or fibre
19. to form "bullets" for a list of things
20. as an accent on the tail of a letter
21. in the hole of a tag
22. white - as stars on a black or navy blue sky
23. white - as dropping snowflakes
24. light blue - as falling raindrops
25. orange - as pumpkins
26. white - as moonbeams
27. jewelled belt on a paper doll
28. brown - as chocolate chips on a cookie
29. toppings on a pizza
30. M & Ms
31. buttons on a shirt
32. decorations on an Easter egg
33. decorations on a Christmas tree
34. purple - grapes in a cornucopia
35. lights on top of a police car or fire truck
36. centre of a pinwheel
37. centre of tires
38. tires on a toy car
39. end of antenna on a bug
40. centre of fibre spider web
41. hair ornament on a girl paper doll
42. the "dot" on an i or j
43. attach handle to a basket
44. to attach fibres lacing something together
45. attach a sign to a post
46. rocks
47. centre of propeller on an airplane
48. on serendipity squares
49. sesame seeds on a bun
50. jewelled skirt on a paper doll.
51. use as a spider and paint a face on it with the legs behind it or use wire for it's legs
52. dots on a ladybug
53. as fillers
54. use as nails on wood
55. Christmas Bulbs on a tree paper piecing
56. eye on a frog
56. use to embellish the corner of tags
57. borders
58. titles
59. Attach fabric, twistel or lace to paper
60. use star brads to replicate a night sky
61. ends of a hammock
62. use on butterfly wings
63. oval nailheads as Easter Eggs
64. Buttons on a dress
65. shoe buckle
66. dots on a clown suit doll or paper piecing
67. sprinkles on an ice cream cone
68. sprinkles on a cupcake
69. use seashell nailheads on paper torn sand paper to create a beach look
70. Use your imagination!!!

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